Jozsef Stevlik Slivovitz is handmade under the strictest supervision of “The Badatz”, from the early stage of the plum tree harvest to the final stage of bottling. The characteristic taste of the plum fruit is conserved in the fertile black soil of the Szatmar Region, nestled in the Basin of the Carpathian Lowlands. The black earth of Ukraine is one of the most fertile in the world, Szatmar County borders Ukraine where the rich black earth begins.

Legend has it that trees grow ten inches faster per year than anywhere else because of this lush soil and it is here that the blue damson plum is grown. Every single plum fruit is collected from regional plum trees and delivered by small farmers to the authorized Kosher Fruit Organization where they are cleaned, classified and stored in baskets. In the distillery, all plums are semi-hand pitted, mashed and stored in manual-koshered stainless-steel tanks where the slow fermentation process begins.

Tons of Plum Collected for the Vintage Edition 2018


Number of Plum Trees Harvested by Local Farmers in the County of Szatmar


Pounds of Plum Fruit in one Bottle of Jozsef Stevlik Slivovitz