The Orthodox Council of Jerusalem Kashrut Department, B.D.Z. EDA CHAREDITH, is renowned worldwide for its rigorous and uncompromising observance of Kosher standards. These Kosher standards date back more than 3000 years, encrypted in the Torah, also known from the Old Testament as the five books of Moses, reflecting the divine law and the covenant code revealed to Moses in the desert at Mount Sinai.

Each step of Kosher approval is thorough, obeying written guidelines of purification, units of measurements and ethical codes. This strict process and high-quality assurance carried out by the Head of Inspection, Rabbi David Weiss and Moshe Moskovits from the first Badatz Kosher Swiss chocolate division, gives our Slivovitz the honor to qualify as the first Badatz Kosher Hungarian plum spirit division.

Every tank is sealed with the initials of the Kosher Organization and can only be opened by the authorized Rabbi. If any tank is opened without the presence of the Rabbi, the plum mash will be disqualified and defined as “Not Kosher”. The risk of failure, in any stage of the production cycle, stimulates the strong focus of achievement through every team member involved, generating one of the finest premium plum spirits available on the market.