Jozsef Stevlik was born 1910 in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, Nove Zamky, a historical town, situated in today’s Slovakia. He was a travelling salesman who met many people on his journeys. On one trip, he came across a Jewish Merchant who was trading a secret recipe for homemade Kosher Slivovitz. It followed the ancient rituals of purification, based on “halakha” the Jewish law. The age-old recipe described the plums needed, fermentation process, pace of distillation, and all the secrets for making the unique creation of Authentic Kosher Slivovitz.

For centuries, Slivovitz has been a treasured commodity among Jewish Merchants. It was the main Shabbat Aperitif for the Jewish communities living in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, seen by many as the Golden Era of Jewish History. Royal authorities gave approval for Kosher Slivovitz distillation, granted for its noticeable “fit and proper” production, known in the Yiddish World as “Kasher” or “Kosher”. However, the market presence of Authentic Kosher Slivovitz declined after 1917 with the beginning of the downfall of the Kingdoms in Central and Eastern Europe.


A century later, this unique recipe was reinterpreted by Jozsef’s Grandson, who used it to safeguard the time-honored traditions and create an artisan brand of vintage Slivovitz for the world to enjoy.

Dusan Stevlik, Founder – J.S.Slivovitz

Welcome to the home of Jozsef Stevlik Authentic Kosher Slivovitz.

My Grandfather, Jozsef Stevlik, was a great admirer of Slivovitz. The traditional drink of the Carpathian people and the national symbol of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. He used to tell me stories about the wonderful people he met on the road and how he shared Slivovitz with them as a gesture of friendship. This tradition inspired me to produce one of the finest traditional Slivovitz and dedicate it to my Grandfather. We are proud to introduce our first Vintage Edition 2018.

Enjoy it and celebrate together responsibly,

Dusan Stevlik (Founder)